House Rules

1. Magic items, rituals, and ritual compenents must be approved by me. If there is something you want for your character, drop me a note here and I will see how we can work it into the story or figure out where you can obtain it. There are reasons for this (such as being on a ship at sea) where it might not make sense to gain a item. You might also learn rituals from tribal natives or something along those lines.

  • Edbek has expressed interest in some sort of magical hammer.

2. Permitted books – Those permitted by the RPGA Character Creation Guide are permitted in this game. Thus content from Dragon magazine are valid once published.

3. Restricted items – Sunrods are not available just anywhere, please ask before deciding to purchase one. (Adding this rule after my dark and creepy under parrot island is effectively as bright as a supermarket due to them.

House Rules

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