Savage Tide 4E

Vessels in Thesk

Mad halflings and angry orcs

After a few days revelry in Suzail, the party members get wind of someone else that needs an item retrieved. Sensing a business opportunity, the four adventurers decide to form the Lucky Coin Salvage Company and Mutual Aid Society. This time, they are pointed to the maddest halfling in the Realms, Jonster Yate. When we encountered the halfling he was sitting, legs folded, on a raft—although there was no water within several miles. “The flood is coming,” said the halfling as an introduction. “The signs are all there, and I am prepared. However, I have learned of a radiant vessel in the land of Thesk. It is said to not only float, but also to have healing powers. And smite your enemies. And mend pottery. I want you to go to Thesk and get it for me. Except it may not be an actual seafaring vessel. It might be a cup – a wonderful gold and silver chalice. Also, one who I talked to claimed that it was a boot. But that is just crazy talk.”

The party agrees to retrieve the vessel, it is what they do after all, and travels to Thesk. Thesk is inhabited by a large number of rather civilized orcs. There has been some recent tension with the human population, however due to the recent kidnapping of a young girl. It turns out that the orc band blamed for the kidnapping was led by an orc who had a relationship with the young girl, Sibbya. The orc chief, Bhral, was under the evil influence of a minor fiend. With the fiend dispatched, Bhral saw reason and allowed the party to help Sibbya, who was even then trying to give birth to a large-headed half-orc, Bhral’s son. Elbow-deep in gore, Edbek helps deliver the baby and earns Bhral’s thanks.

You mercy towards Bhral the orc mercenary does not go unnoticed. In future dealings with orcs of Thesk, your kindness and reputation precede you.


El Chaco

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