Savage Tide 4E

Trials of the Lucky Coin

The Beginning

The party members: Edbek a dwarven fighter, Rua a half-elven warlock, Dek’hart an elven ranger, and Oriundûs a watersoul genasi artificer, meet at the house of down-on-his-luck noble Deskyr Thanterim. He needs the party members to recover his family fortune from the city of Urmlaspyr in Sembia.

The party agrees and soon find themselves trying to sneak into the Forbidden Zone in that luckless city. With Tymora’s help, they find the vault and return Deskyr’s legacy—or what is left of it.

As a reward for returning some scriptures sacred to Tymora the party receives Tymora’s Token.

Tymora’s token is an octagonal golden coin about 1 inch in diameter. One side depicts three rolling dice and the other the head of Tymora. The coin glows softly as long as in the hands of the person who earned the token. When the coin is tossed by its owner, it always land on the side predicted. When shown, Tymorans treat the owner of the coin more favorably. Enemies of Tymora’s faith tend to react less favorably instead. The exact effects are up to the DM, but it should never generate automatic success or failures unless specified otherwise in the adventure.


El Chaco

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