Savage Tide 4E

Relics of Gond

Never Trust a Gnome

One of the fringe benefits of the adventuring life is that you rarely have to buy your own drinks. The common folk are always eager to hear an exciting tale of adventure and danger. We were comfortably ensconced at the local watering hole, with a hot meal and cold tankard close to hand, ready to tell a tale to those who lead much more mundane lives than you. Edbek’s story is just beginning when we suddenly felt a strange sensation. The hairs on the back of our neck stood up. A low humming noise filled the tavern. There is a green flash of light and a whiff of ozone before the world starts spinning. An instant later we found ourselves back in a tavern… but not the tavern you were in moments ago. And the tavern is full of angry pirates!

In the ensuing melee we save a gnome from certain death. It turns out the gnome is a priest of Gond named Glimnock who—instead of golems—summoned us to his rescue. As we are halfway across the continent with no way to get back, he proposes we accompany him to a sunken island to retrieve some artifacts of Gond. After learning that the island will, in fact, be above water for a few hours we agree to help. Another salvage mission!

All we need is transportation. We have the bad luck to be in a harbor that is full of pirate ships…except for one vessel the Singing Star. The ship’s captain, Inder Kloom, agrees to take us to Gond Island if we help crew and repair his ship. We agree and soon set off for the island. On arrival, we find a temple in ruins yet defended by very dangerous constructs. Glimnock is enraptured by the things even as they nearly kill everyone. As the last one is destroyed, he finds a way to disable them. What a help. We find some holy scriptures of Gond in a puzzle-altar and sail back—but are intercepted by Cowled Wizards. They refer to our captain as “Leadbottom” and accuse him of smuggling. This one time, he happens to be on legitimate business and is therefore let off. Only after the two ships are parted do we learn that the worthless gnome stayed on the other ship. With no particular destination in mind, we set sail for Sassarine.


El Chaco

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